2017 Trainings

4 of June, Kattilajärvi (sunday afternoon)

28 of June, Linlo

5 of July, Porkkala cape

Some changes can still come. Trainings are free of charge and will include fast and slow groups.

2016 we organised four training possibilities near Helsinki. Trainings were great success and we had around 20-25 participants in every training.

This year there will again be 2-4 trainings, which will be decided later this spring.

Trainings will continue again free of charge. There will be again "fast" and "slow" groups.

Below maps from trainings 2016

Kattilajärvi Nuuksio nationalpark
Kopparnäs Inkoo 22.6.2016
Porkkalanniemi 29.6.2016
Linlo Kirkkonummi 6.7.2016