Team VJ-Sport challenge everybody!


Juha Lindfors and Mika Luoto Team VJ-Sport
Juha Lindfors and Mika Luoto Team VJ-Sport

Mika Luoto former Hawai TOP 8 triathlete and former national team swimmer Juha Lindfors (Team VJ-Sport) might be the biggest favorits for this years race

What of your achievements in swimrunning are you most proud of?
• top-10 overall placements for both of us at the ÖtillÖ swimrun worldchampionships. Mika last year, and Juha the year before. We had different partners there and this is first time we race together. So it’ll be very interesting in Porkkala to see how we can work together.

 And what are your goals for this session?
• Juha’s goal is to improve his own performance at the ÖtillÖ, where he’ll race together with his regular partner Armin Hummel. For Mika Porkkala Swimrun is the main goal of the year. Later in autumn he’ll propably try to qualify to ÖtillÖ 2018.

How did you ended up doing specifically swimrun?
• Juha: Background in swimming, enthusiasms to endurance sports, and some madness...
• Mika: It’s always important to have some goals in the future. In triathlon I couldn’t find any interesting ones anymore, so I tried something different… and really falled in love to this sport

What are your expectations for Porkkala swimrun this year?
• Good training. Good race. Lots of fun.

Do you have some good advices for the race?
 • there are many transitions - be fast. • Be careful with the slippery rocks, choose a right shoes to the race • Take care of your partner!