Welcome to Porkkala Swimrun 2017

The real archipelago swimrun-race is held on 22 of july 2017 in the amazing area of the Porkkala cape. The start and finnish takes place on the Coastal Brigade in Upinniemi, Kirkkonummi which is a big Navy Unit. 

The long course takes you through a beautiful set of small islands in the sea which are normally closed for visitors. The second part of the course will show you small paths on the mainland with clearwatered lakes in between. The long course is approximately 30 K with 4 K of swimming. The shorter course brings you back to the finnish on the half way.
You compete in teams of two persons and the classes on the long course are Men, Mixed and Women. The short course is ment for having fun instead of competition.
Because of the military area foreign swimrunners has to be given special permission to take part in the race. 
Please contact the racedirector for information and advisement: porkkalaswimrun@gmail.com

2016 Promo video